Podcast Editing

You send me your files and I will do all the slicing and dicing; that’s basically it!  I can also upload to your media hosting platform (ie Libsyn, Blubrry, etc) to save you even more time.

How many hours are you spending on the editing and uploading?  You can be using that time for creating more episodes!

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Podcast & Audio Consulting

Launching a podcast can be a daunting task, so it's great to have someone who's got your back from start to launch!

Audio consulting is another aspect I love; mics, recording software, how to get a clean recording are all some things we can chat about.

Or perhaps you already have your podcast and would love to fine tune the audio, storytelling, or some other aspect of your show.  I've got you covered.

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Voice-Over Artist

Perhaps you're just here because you need someone to lift your words off the page.  I've worked in radio for almost 20 years, so I can voice your script for podcast intro/extro, commercial, e-learning, video, telephone system, etc.

People often ask, "What are your rates?"  Well, that really depends on your project as there are various fees to consider.  Let's chat, so I can create a custom quote for you.

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Mary Chan, creator & owner at Organized Sound Productions
Mary Chan, creator & owner at Organized Sound Productions

Who You'll Be Working With

Hi!  I’m Mary Chan, an audio producer who will assist you in the world of podcasting.  As a radio producer for almost 20 years, I help podcasters with the technical side of podcasting so they can focus on their content and get their time back.  You can learn more about me here on my about page.

Editing your podcast when you don’t really know the techie side of things or don’t have the time, can get complicated quickly.  Some podcasters spend hours editing and learning their audio software when that precious time can be used for creating your content.  You do what you do best so I can do what I do best; editing audio and being your accountability partner in the world of podcasting.


Whether you just have an idea for a podcast, you’ve got a couple shows in the bank, or you finally realized you don’t have the time to do it all yourself, let me level up your podcast to professional broadcast quality.

Contact me today to see how I can help you bring your story to people’s ears.

Natalie Walstein, Host of "the Cosmic Calling" Podcast

Mary is a rockstar and I'm so happy I found her! She makes the process of producing a podcast episode every week SO much easier and far less time-consuming. I don't know what I would do without her! Not only does she always meet deadlines on time, but I love how she shares tips on how I can do an even better job when recording. I've worked with other sound editors in the past who I was less than pleased with, but Mary makes this process fun, and it's like a breath of fresh air knowing that my podcast is in very good hands.

Dr. Ya-Ling Liou, Host of “Conversations About Everyday Pain” Podcast

What Mary has done for me with these goes way beyond the obvious. She gave me a way to look at (listen to) this fun little closet hobby-project of mine in a way that feels really amazing – like it might actually be of value to others in a valid way! That sh*t is priceless. I can’t really thank her enough.

Erin Eastman Paulson, Co-Host of "the Homestay Kitchen" Podcast

Mary is so talented at working with very little to make something amazing. She is a super creative! She's incredibly trustworthy and dependable and always meet deadlines. Small and feisty! She communicates very clearly and kindly.  She's inspired me to take up knitting and sewing and is the person I turn to when I encounter a problem because I know she'll have the solution and be willing to help.

Jamie Weiss

Mary is:

Analytical – don’t jump to quick judgments without processing first.
Pragmatic – consistent in her approach to challenges.
Reliable – if she says she'll get it done, she gets it done.
Honest – not afraid to have the difficult conversation, and share her thoughts and opinions in a non-combative way.
Low maintenance – no drama!

She excels at:

Project management (hitting deadlines, prioritizing).
Producing consistent, thorough, excellent work.
Working independently, within a wider team.

Rob Michaels, Program Director of Star 98.3 & Mountain FM

Mary's attention to detail is amazing and I’ve never worked with someone who is as organized as she is. She has a great ear and is really good at coaching talent.

AJ Cruze, Morning Show Co-Host of Ocean 98.5

Mary has a very natural way of working with clients and voice talent that always brings out the best in all involved. Her collaborative approach definitely ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, resulting in an end product that just simply works and motivates action.

Andrew Ries, Imaging & Commercial Producer, Rogers Media Inc.

Mary is organized, straightforward, honest, and speaks her mind. She's known for being passionate about food, knitting, not taking sh*t from people, and telling it like it is.

Dr. Megan Caines

I think of Mary as being really clear-headed, practical, task-oriented, and fair. She doesn't seem to get caught up in her emotions all that often. One of her biggest strengths is her organizational skills. She's very, very good at bringing order to things, and as a result, I think people often see her as a leader.

Dr. Amanda Johnson

Mary is very reasonable, practical, and even-tempered.  She has good problem-solving skills and has a lovely, clear speaking voice that is easy to understand. She's very self-reliant and self-motivated.  Mary has a way of helping to diffuse sticky situations and putting those around her at ease and is very welcoming of others into her home and her life.

Free 30-Minute Consultation

It's time to get your time back, so let's schedule a free 30-minute consultation.  Experience what others are saying by contacting me today.  Get all your questions answered from podcasting to voice-over work.