Mary Chan, creator & owner at Organized Sound Productions

It All Started When...

As a kid in high school, I had to do one of those "what is your ideal career?" type questionnaires.  The answers totally fascinated me as I reacted by saying, "You mean I can be on the radio, as a job!?!?"

So after 20 years of being in the radio business as a Commercial Producer, I decided it was time I struck out on my own.

Mary Chan

Creator of Loud Things

(including a 3-year old)


Born and raised in Vancouver, we now live in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada and have been living the island lifestyle since 2001.  There's nothing about "in my spare time" as I believe that all creative aspects of my personal life help me recharge to hustle for my work life.  Everything is intertwined; knitting, sewing, creating a great meal from scratch, are all ways that keep my creativity flowing and fuel my business work.

I’m passionate and driven who loves to work with creativity, laughter, and with those who don't always take themselves too seriously.

I've got you.

Come Say Hello!

Contact me today for a quote for your podcast or voice-over inquiry.  Or drop me a note about your latest knitting, sewing, or food-related find!  I'd love to hear about it!