Honour Yourself Because September is the New January – Episode 10

Honour Yourself Because Sept is the New January

Here on the west coast of Canada where I am, the weather is turning, leaves are changing colour and as I'm recording this, I am decked out in my handknitted goods; a cardigan, shawl, and socks. It's one of my favourite times of the year because I can bring back all my cozy woolly comforts. Plus, this is the first year my kiddo is going to kindergarten, so it takes me back to when I would head back to school. Think about that time, when you back to school, how did that feel? It's a time for a fresh start, renewed interests, and taking stock of what's important for the rest of the year.

With that in mind, if you haven't started your podcast yet and am still wandering around the internet doing research, let me help you by telling you to stop that research process. The only way to get that podcast launched is to take action now and here's a reminder that I'll have a couple of extra spots open this month for you to launch a podcast. You can enroll in my 12-Week 1:1 program that will take the overwhelm out of starting a podcast and you get to pick my brain every week on all things podcast. Let's schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to chat about how you can launch your podcast before the end of 2020! Stop doing the research and start taking action to get your podcast launched!

So for today's episode, I want you to be the truth of who you are. What would it look like to you at the end of 2020? It has definitely been a tumultuous year, so what is challenging you right now in your podcasting game? But also, what is lifting you up? What needs to shift as we turn into the fall season in the northern hemisphere or spring in the southern hemisphere?

We all know January is a time to review, renew, and shift ideas. Setting new goals and planning out what the next 12 months would look like. Or maybe you're one of those people who loves to create new year resolutions. But resolutions are for January, right? Or can we do them now? September has all those same qualities! I would dare say even more so than the arbitrary calendar date of January 1st. January is tough with winter still in our bones and all that post-holiday exhaustion. So that's why I say September is the new January. This is the time of year for a return to our routines, even though this September, as 2020 is no ordinary September, we can still get some routine in our lives. So back to my first question, would it look like to you at the end of 2020? What will be different or challenging that would hinder your podcast?

These don't have to be big sweeping changes. Small things build up to make lasting impressions. Perhaps you want to alter the steps it takes to publish an episode. Maybe you want to create your social media posts right after you record your episode. Or maybe you start batch processing all your recordings instead. Now is the best time to honour yourself and review what's been going on in the past few months to see what needs to shift for the future. Take steps to honour yourself, to boost your happiness. How can you add fun and play to your podcasting journey? I believe that you've always got to have a bit of fun in everything you do. So have you got any ideas?

Let's take a step back. Remember episode 5? In that episode called "Unlocking Barriers to Create Content for a Podcast", I showed you how to start generating ideas for your podcast by using my brain dump technique first. So if you haven't heard that episode yet, it's in the show notes for you to go back to, but the essential idea is that you are going to create a document or grab a notebook and pen and jot down all your ideas. There's no erasing any ideas along the way. Your brain is always full of ideas, so I want you to dump it all down to create a flow of ideas. Don't scratch anything out. Keep writing idea after idea after idea. This is your creative brain at work. So go ahead, write down how you can add some fun and play to your podcasting journey. What will the end of 2020 look like for your show?

What did you come up with? Take a look at your list and what jumps out? Remember, we don't have to do big sweeping changes, so if your list looks daunting to you, how can you break that down even further? Is there one small action you can take now to move that idea forward? What can you shift now to honour where you are in your journey? Perhaps it's being more personable in your voice. Would you be able to smile more when you're behind the mic? Have you wanted to get more episodes recorded, but you're not ready? Maybe you want to move your mic and your recording location from your office to a spare bedroom? Go ahead, move your mic there now. I'll wait. Just hit that pause button again.

Honouring yourself can mean a lot of different things. For me, in this season, as my daughter started kindergarten this month, I'm here to be with her and my podcast and my podcasting business will take the passenger seat for the week or the next week two because she's great at expressing her emotions and some big ones might creep up again next week. The first day of drop off wasn't that much of a success, if you know what I mean. So think about that for yourself too.

Be aware of your own surroundings. Be mindful of what other commits you have in your calendar, to people, to your community. Being mindful, for me, means that I know I have editing skills, that's my radio background coming to work to continually and easily publish episodes every week, for me. When I started this podcast, I wanted to publish every other week to give myself some breathing room, but I also wanted to commit to this and challenge myself, like I suggest to some of my clients. So I took action and decided for myself that it'll be a weekly show after all. That was my initial goal anyway, so why not challenge myself to do that. Having said that, it doesn't mean that the world will fall apart if I miss a week. Or, did you even notice I was a few hours later than usual last week? Episode 9 was a couple of hours late. But no, you probably didn't even notice until I just told you. I'm honouring myself because to publish every week, but giving myself grace if it's not to my pre-determined schedule. I created that schedule, so I can break it if I need to. I gave myself a specific schedule because I knew I'd need it for the long haul, but knowing in myself that I am human, schedules can be changed. Podcasting is great for that flexibility, so keep in mind that it's your show. You call the shots.

So what does podcasting success look like to you for the rest of the year? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below or over on Instagram. You can find me @OrganizedSoundProductions. I'd love to hear what your big goals or tiny shifts will be.

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