We Chat First

Like any good relationship, let’s get to know each other first.  We’ll talk about your big ideas, your show structure, sound quality, and how I can assist you in making this all happen!  It’s not really about MY process or YOUR process.  This is where we can figure out how we can work efficiently and effectively together to reach your lofty goals.

Each show is so unique, that the process will be tailored to your show and needs.

A free 30-minute consultation on Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom is always included.

Record Your Show

Once your show is recorded, you’ll share that audio with me (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and that’s when I work my magic.  I'm a separate perspective that will not nit-pick every nuance, as you would if you edited your own voice.  I'm listening for sound quality, storytelling, and creating a polished show.

If you need tips and tricks on how to record your show, storytelling or sound quality, etc, I’ve got ideas for you too.  You don't have to go it alone.

I've got you.


Audio Heaven

Without getting too techie on you, I will listen to every minute of your audio to provide the smoothest sounding show, if that is what you are looking for.  Or you'll provide me with any edit notes for places you want me to cut out, but my services always come with taking out the big pauses and filler words such as "like", "aaaannndd", "just", "you know", "ah's", and "um's"; all our favourite crutch words.

Here’s where I'll also add your intro, extro, and any sponsored messages/credits.

Every show gets the technical fun stuff which includes:

  • Noise reduction and audio cleaning
  • Volume matching for even sounding playback
  • ID3 tags
  • Final delivery of mastered audio.


Each podcast will have different needs and I want to help you with what you’re trying to accomplish, so I'm not just catering to a generic podcast structure.

Let’s work together to try and come up with something for your budget, so I can start supporting and growing your show!

So Let's Chat!

Get in touch now so we can start blowing people’s minds with your podcast!  Fill out the form below to get started right away.