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We chat first to see what your plans are and how we can achieve those goals together. Don't get bogged down by the technical knitty gritty details. We'll go through a process to eliminate the fears of podcasting and make your audio dreams come alive! We can work one on one through a 12-week course, which is flexible and set to your pace. This course will get you from idea to launch!

Or if you have already found your way around launching a podcast, but need to dive deeper into a few questions such as choosing a media hosting platform, how to get into podcast directories or how do I make my recordings sound better, I also have one-off strategy calls to get you back on track.

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Podcast Editing

You already have your show, but you need help with the editing or want your audio to sound better! As a radio producer for 20 years, I have the experience to edit your show or assist with your podcast to create broadcast quality sound.

My eyes and ears can save you 2-4 hours a week on editing. Get your time back to create your content, not on the tasks that you were not trained to do.

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Podcasting Made Fun!

Podcasting is like running another business on top of the one you are trying to market! There's a lot of work to do to get an episode published including audio to wrangle, schedules to keep, and content to create. Let me be your accountability partner!

Learn more about me here and let's get started on this podcasting journey together!

Mary Chan - Podcast Strategist, Voice Coach, & Voice-Over Artist

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Let's get started by chatting! Let's schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to see what your big audio dreams are!