Here’s a selection of audio production from podcast work to radio commercials.  (Click the play button or if you choose the popout icon, it will direct you to Google Drive where you can download a copy.)

“Caregivers Out Loud” – Podcast powered by Family Caregivers of BC
Caregivers Out Loud podcast powered by Family Caregivers of BC

A fully curated podcast where we took 7 interviews and weaved them into 20-30 minute episodes based on the client’s themes and key messages.  Project management, audio recording consult, scripting, voice-over, voice coaching, audio editing and engineering, promotional consult, show distribution and RSS feed management; the full design package to launching a podcast.

“The Military Lifestyle” – Podcast from the Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre

The Military Lifestyle podcast by the Esquimalt Family Resource Centre

Consulted with their Marketing and Communications Coordinator to launch their own podcast including recording techniques, RSS feed creation, intro/outro creation while providing support through weekly calls after tasks were complete. Post-production audio editing, including trailer, for the entire interview-style show.

“The Future Is Beautiful” Podcast with Amisha Ghadiali

Beginning with episode 29, I am the sound editor for this interview-style show.  Each week we collaborate as a team of 3-4 women producing this show.  My main job is editing in the intro/outro, audio cleaning, removing stutters, restarts and crutch words and distribution to Libsyn.  I also listen for content helping to remove any time-sensitive mentions and finding the right spot in the conversation to place an ad.

“The Cosmic Calling” Podcast by Soulshine Astrology

From episode 19 through 45, I was the sound editor for this weekly combination interview and solo style show.   I listened through every minute of the show to remove stutters, restarts, and crutch words, while also listening for content to create a smooth conversation.  Intro/Outros and teasers are added along with audio clean up.

Mary is a rockstar and I’m so happy I found her! She makes the process of producing a podcast episode every week SO much easier and far less time-consuming. I don’t know what I would do without her! Not only does she always meet deadlines on time, but I love how she shares tips on how I can do an even better job when recording. I’ve worked with other sound editors in the past who I was less than pleased with, but Mary makes this process fun, and it’s like a breath of fresh air knowing that my podcast is in very good hands.

Natalie Walstein, host of “the Cosmic Calling”

“Conversations About Everyday Pain” Podcast Trailer & Show

Ya-Ling wanted trailers for her upcoming podcast.  She provided me with messaging ideas and promo clips while I skimmed through four episodes gathering clips and ideas to construct trailers based on her notes.  Originally I had suggested two trailers to be used for marketing and social media, but as we discussed and collaborated further, we decided on two trailers with an update for each one to use post-launch; a total of four variations.

You gave me a way to look at (listen to) this fun little closet hobby-project of mine in a way that feels really amazing – like it might actually be of value to others in a valid way!  That shit is priceless.  I can’t really thank you enough.
Dr. Ya-Ling Liou, host of “Conversations About Everyday Pain”
After these trailers were produced, I was the sound engineer for her show starting with episode 5, “Paige’s Story”.  She outlined the show while I added sound effects and selected some of the music to fit the feel and theme of each episode.  I also created the show notes.

“Home with Forbes & Marshall” Podcast

As the editor of this show from June 29th through November 16th, 2018, I was instructed to edit out some parts as I see fit, cutting the interview from 30 mins to 20 mins. I then mixed and mastered the show returning the audio to the hosts.

 “Yates St Taphouse” Award Winning Radio Campaign

My client provided a script for a radio campaign. I was the radio producer; audio mixing, audio editing, directing voice talent, and delivery of audio to the client and to air on the radio station.

This campaign won the AVA Digital Awards; 2015 Gold Award Winner, Audio Category, Radio Campaign.

“The Cookie Guy” Sensory-Filled Radio Commercial

This client wanted to reflect his fun, sensory-filled cookie shop for his commercial. The writer and I collaborated to make sure the sound and feel of the commercial was exactly what represented his shop.

After I received the script, I directed voice over talent, edited, mixed and delivered this audio to the client and aired for radio.

“Victoria Foundation” More Participants Radio Campaign

This radio commercial was loved by the client. They used the same campaign year after year to promote their annual survey. This resulted in the number of participants increasing each year.

I was given the script to produce; directed all the voices, sound design, mixing, editing and delivery of audio to the client and airing on radio stations in the market.

“Abbotsford Flea Market” Campy Noir Feel Radio Commercial

This client wanted a nostalgic feeling to his commercial. The writer and I collaborated to make sure the sound and feel of the commercial were exactly what he wanted.

After I received the script, I directed voice over talent, edited, mixed and delivered this audio to the client and aired for radio.

“Westshore Towing” Locally Focused Radio Campaign (5×30 second commercials)

My client wanted a long-running campaign that was locally oriented for radio.

I received the script and was the producer; audio production with mixing and editing, directing voice talent, sound effect editing, and delivery of audio to the client and airing on the radio.


  • DAW: Hindenburg or Reaper
  • Mics: Lauten Audio Clarion FC-357, Shure SM58, Audio-Technica AT2020, Audio-Technica ATR2100, Electro-Voice 635a
  • Headphones: Sennheiser HD 280 PRO, Audio-Technica ATH-M50
  • Computer: Lenovo ThinkPad P52s with an Intel Core i7 8th Gen processor on Windows 10
  • Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Gen3) & 2i4 (Gen2)
  • Handheld recorder: Zoom H5 with EXH-6 capsule, Marantz PMD 620


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