Mary Chan - Podcast Strategist, Voice Coach and Voice Over Artist

Amplify Your Voice

How do you sell your products, services, or yourself, especially as a female entrepreneur? Whether you are marketing, selling, or speaking through podcasting or video platforms, making an emotional connection with your audience is done through the power of your voice. Amplify your voice to make the biggest impact on the words you choose, to have listeners fall in love with you.

As a Voice Coach, I can assist you to achieve that love story with your customers.

Speak Your Truth

What will bring your video, podcast or presentation to life?Β  Your voice.

People don't buy from people who they don't trust or like. Your voice is a powerful tool to unlock that intimate connection with a potential customer.

Use your voice to influence listeners by cultivating your confidence and courage to speak with spirit.

Make a Bigger Impact

Women entrepreneurs need self-confidence to speak their truth. Too many times we are held back by our self-limiting beliefs that make our voices not as impactful as they should be. Have you worried about speaking on social media platforms and go live?

If you worry, you can't connect.

If you can't connect, you've lost a listener, a potential buyer, a human being to connect with.

As a Voice Coach, I can assist you in connecting with your audience to make an impact.

Unlocking Your Real Voice

We work one-on-one to reach your goals. We dive into your WHY and go through a step-by-step process to lock your natural voice.

Mostly we practice through vocal techniques, specially designed for speech, not singing.

We explore:

  • the reason that you're holding your voice back
  • breathing effectively for your voice
  • posture and creating presence
  • characteristics of voice that lead and influence
  • your speaking voice toolbox
  • and preventative wellness.

Storytelling is not just about the words

With 20 years as a radio commercial producer, whether it was to elevate a seasoned announcer's voice to fit the script or directing clients to cultivate their voice to shine in their first radio commercial, I nurtured human to human connections through voice to sell you, your product, or service.

Mary Chan - Voice Coach for podcasters

Take the First Step to Free Your Voice

Discover the self-confidence you have to make an impact with your voice. I can't wait to get started with you on a complimentary 30-minute strategy session!