Rob Michaels, Program Director of Star 98.3 & Mountain FM

Your attention to detail is amazing and I’ve never worked with someone who is as organized as you. You have a great ear and are really good at coaching talent.

AJ Cruze, Morning Show Co-Host of Ocean 98.5

Mary has a very natural way of working with clients and voice talent that always brings out the best in all involved. Her collaborative approach definitely ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, resulting in an end product that just simply works and motivates action.

Dr. Ya-Ling Liou, “Conversations About Everyday Pain” Podcast

What you’ve done for me with these trailers goes way beyond the obvious. You gave me a way to look at (listen to) this fun little closet hobby-project of mine in a way that feels really amazing – like it might actually be of value to others in a valid way! That sh*t is priceless. I can’t really thank you enough.

Erin Eastman Paulson, Co-host of the Homestay Kitchen Podcast

Mary you are so talented at working with very little to make something amazing. You are super creative! You’re incredibly trustworthy and dependable and always meet deadlines. Small and feisty! You communicate very clearly and kindly.  You’ve inspired me to take up knitting and sewing and you are the person I turn to when I encounter a problem because I know you’ll have the solution and be willing to help.

Andrew Ries, Imaging & Commercial Producer, Rogers Media Inc.

You’re organized, straightforward, honest, and speak your mind. You’re known for being passionate about food, knitting, not taking sh*t from people, and telling it like it is.

Dr. Megan Caines

I think of you as being really clear-headed, practical, task-oriented, and fair. You don’t seem to get caught up in your emotions all that often. One of your biggest strengths is your organizational skills. You’re very, very good at bringing order to things, and as a result, I think people often see you as a leader.

Jamie Weiss

You are:

Analytical – don’t jump to quick judgements without processing first.
Pragmatic – consistent in your approach to challenges.
Reliable – if you say you’ll get it done, you get it done.
Honest – not afraid to have the difficult conversation, and share your thoughts and opinions in a non-combative way.
Low maintenance – no drama!

You excel at:

Project management (hitting deadlines, prioritizing).
Producing consistent, thorough, excellent work.
Working independently, within a wider team.


You’re well known for being a common sense pragmatist. You don’t get flustered and make impetuous decisions based on emotional reactions. Which makes you a good planner and decision maker.

Dr. Amanda Johnson

You’re very reasonable, practical, and even-tempered.  You have good problem-solving skills and have a lovely, clear speaking voice that is easy to understand. You’re very self-reliant and self-motivated.  You have a way of helping to diffuse sticky situations and putting those around you at ease and are very welcoming of others into your home and your life.

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